KAHLLA Releases New Single ‘Sense Of Self’

After releasing the sleek and tranquil single ‘For You’ at the end of 2019, London-Based singer songwriter KAHLLA has dropped another delightful slice of Dream Pop in the form of her new single Sense of Self. Though the mix is light on the ears, the soundscape moves with a soft confidence, capturing the illusory harmonies as they collide with the more processed mix in the drums.

The hook is as impactful as it is clever, expressing the painful rhetoric of trying to redefine yourself, whilst maintaining a captivating melody that only accentuates the sincerity in the lyrics further. My favourite element in this track is the way it offers instrumental contrast throughout, in particular the raw and unkempt tone from the upright piano against the more electronic bass and kick samples. Speaking about the origin of the song, KAHLLA said “for some time last year I was really uncertain about who I was and where I wanted to go” and yet with this release I feel a true sense of stability, almost like this story has a heightened impression of balance.

Listening to Sense Of Self amongst her previous releases, there is a resolute and formidable air of continuity, almost as if each song represents stories throughout KAHLLA’s life; highlighting the spontaneous and erratic wave of emotions we go through as humans. After this refined and tasteful new release, 2020 looks to be an exciting year for the London-based singer-songwriter, with upcoming shows across the UK capital and a slot at Madame Claude in Berlin on March 3rd: watch this space.

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