Dunebug Releases Lo-Fi Dream Pop Ballad ‘Alone Like Me’

After dropping a beautiful debut self titled EP at the end of 2019, Manchester-based Singer songwriter Dunebug has graced us with her charmingly elegant new single ‘Alone Like Me’. Having chosen to ironically release it on Valentine’s Day, the song gives a personally bleak insight into the complexities of love, highlighting the struggle of being involved with someone who is perfectly charming, but pushing them away at the smallest hint of it becoming anything even remotely serious.

Swaying with a graceful swagger, the angelic melodies become detached from the almost melancholic lyrics, leaving the listener with ample time to appreciate the captivating top-line.

Chi retains her artistic individuality in the granular texture of her vocals, yet I can’t help but draw comparisons to the likes of Mazzy Star and Slowdive, which is in no way a criticism, if anything it highlights how far her songwriting has come. Not only is the mix tastefully gritty, the ambience in the layers of reverb and chorus add a sense of serenity; 3 minutes of pure relaxation.

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