Indie Rock Collective KARIO Release Debut Self-Titled EP

Containing a star studded lineup from some of indie rocks finest musicians, KARIO’s self-titled EP oozes with confidence from the outset, coated in layers of sentiment and raw emotion. Consisting of Jon Natchez (The War on Drugs), Garret Ray (Vampire Weekend), Elijah Thomson (Father John Misty), Mitchel Yoshida and Stewart Cole (Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros), Lewis Pesacov (Fools Gold), and Rachel Goodrich, the first track “A Piece Of Me” contains an ever-shifting presence of indie rock, new wave and folk, that somehow cross into the psychedelic at certain points; creating a sound that is ultimately innovative and enthralling.

The song itself focuses on one singular moment accounts KARIO, “watching the love of my life cross the room, oblivious to my attention, and as my heart filled with love, I thought What if we hadn’t fought so hard for this relationship? What if we hadn’t got lucky enough to survive all the stuff we put each other through? What if we ended up with other people?” These heartfelt rhetorics carry the warmth of the lyrics into a realm of self-reflection, accompanied by crisp, rolling drums that only intensify the thick and textured stereo mix. 

Whilst Producer Matt Linesch and this team have been ambitious in their engineering, the end product is an EP that progresses and unravels with complete poise and definition, celebrating the arduous paths we take in life.

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