Goodnight Goodbye Release Debut Single ‘All For It’

Inspired by an episode of How I Met Your Mother, ‘All For It’ is the momentously pop inspired debut single by Goodnight Goodbye. Comprising of two London based brothers in their early 20’s, the song describes a fleeting moment, where often spontaneous moments can draw us away from reality; activating a determination to chase these feelings. A relatable example is when you meet someone you’re into and you start flirting and tension starts building, with the forethought of not knowing where it’s leading, making the situation more desirable.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of The Japanese House, Bon Iver and The 1975, this energetic first offering not only serenades the ears with layers of melodies, but the lyrics retain an air of sincerity and purpose, aimed at the support for the growing climate change movement. The boys themselves proclaim “we recall a time where pop music was more positive and honest, so we tend to write about our personal journeys that carry you through the best and worst times”.

With a debut single of this quality, it’s only a matter of time before the name gains more traction and their journey into the industry reaches new heights; Goodnight and Goodbye.

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