Wolforna Release New Single ‘Better Watch Your Back’

Alternative rock collides with touches of Americana in Wolforna’s new single ‘Better Watch Your Back’. The trio, made up of Jack, Adam and Alex have abandoned their usual combination of modulated vocals and big guitars, opting instead for something lighter and with more raw emotion. The timbre represents a softer journey, with the lyrics portraying its own message of confusion, eloquently described from the perspective of a troubled character. The rhythm remains the strongest pull, catching against the metallic buzz from the acoustic guitars in a back and forth motion that will leave you tapping your feet.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Ash, the group have sought to create a sound that combines elements of soft rock with strong lead undertones; though still within the realms of alternative. Following the release of their debut single ‘The Fleet’, the boys continue to produce and construct new material, along with plans to play some exiting gigs in the coming months.

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