After binging the new single through my speakers I could hear your influences so clearly yet you’ve managed to stay original, how would you describe your sound for those who have never listened to Bad Luv?

We’ve never really been the type that likes to pigeon hole ourselves into one specific genre simply because none of them really seem to fit right. Every song we write differs from the next, the defining thread that ties it is that it’s the four of us in a room together, there’s truly something for everybody within our music or so we’d like to think. Its heavy but not just for the sake of it, you can dance, sing along and we never really stray too far away from keeping our feet firmly within the grounds of rock and roll, could be the basement of the dive bar of rock and roll but we’re there all the same.

Liquid Love drains obvious comparisons to the likes of Queens of the Stoneage, Young Blood and Nothing But Thieves but are there any hidden influences you have that people wouldn’t associate with your music?

See we don’t believe in guilty pleasures, if it feels good listen to it so our influences span far and wide. But specifically, when we wrote this track, I was absolutely tanning Mini Mansions and Sam Fender. Its when films and general visuals influence the music that things get interesting. I honestly can’t remember what it was I was watching that triggered the thought, but there was a scene of self-reflection. An individual sat looking back on all they had done in their life, the good the bad. Liquid Love is very much about that reflection, a journey through a kind of alternate reality of my life. In which at the end of it all music never really worked out, I’m sat at my local pub listening to my own music having never really got that far. “Where did all those years go, I spent chasing gold”

As a quartet from Barnsley, how did the band and the origin of it’s name come about?

Barnsley really isn’t that big of a place, playing in the local music scene we were bound to find each other at some point, the lucky thing was that we each found each other at the right time. The name has a bit of a double meaning behind it, the spelling of “Luv” is abbreviated because we live in a modern age where people have a lot to say but very little time or patience to say it. Over text etc, it’s also a nod to our heritage, Luv is a commonly used pet name round here that’s very much genderless, Luv can be male or female. All-inclusive and that’s what Bad Luv represents. Inclusivity, everyone’s welcome in the Bad Luv Club.

With many bands they just throw themselves into a studio and then wait to see what comes out, is your creative process any different or is it based on impulsive jamming?

Before we even get that twinkle in our eye that it might be studio time the songs will generally be 80-90% finished, the structure completely planned out and ill have the vast majority of lyrics at the ready if not on the odd occasion the full thing written. Having said that, the song does take on a new lease of life the minute we turn up. Taking the building blocks of the structure we have and the essence of the track, we just run with it, see where we end up. Dip our toes in some unchartered waters, see what happens. No idea is a bad idea until proven. 

Do you all share a cohesive vision for what the tracks will sound like or do you all draw inspirations from different genres and styles?

Certainly, there’s an eclectic mix of musical tastes within the band and that definitely feeds into the music. However, there is a general consensus where we always know if something is “Bad Luv” it’s the light in the dark we always gravitate toward, when something doesn’t necessarily feel safe or comfortable, those aforementioned unchartered waters. Its then that we know we’re on the right path. Never mind outside the box. If everyone’s playing Poker, we’ll play Darts. The final product may not sound a million miles away from other bands you hear, though that’s up to you all to decide. Its more the fun of creating something from a different direction we get a kick out of.

Off the back of this amazing single, do you have anything exciting lined up for the coming months?

Gigs, Gigs and more gigs. Bad dance moves, finger guns, the odd instance of head banging. More single releases and seeing where we end up. Join the club you never know; you might just about find us acceptably average.

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