The Swoons Release New Single ‘Conspiracy Of Silence’

Comprised of members Trevor Myall (vocals, guitar), Matt Underwood (vocals, guitar, bass), Tony Ann (piano, harmonies) and Giacomo Timbrello (guitar, bass, harmonies), The Swoons geographical mix of English, Canadian and American has in turn gripped their music; creating a what can only be described as a sonic powerhouse. The boys are as they say ‘more Fleetwood Mac than Coldplay’, sharing the spotlight without trying to push their egos in front. This statement stays true to their latest single ‘Conspiracy of Silence’, a raw self-produced pop number that has already gained a lot of attention from fans in America. The combination of pop and hip-hop elements, twinned with a chorus drenched stereo mix is something of a hallmark; a sonic identity if you will. 

The song itself promotes the idea of encouraging humanity to stay honest and truthful in the face of political adversity. Initially starting as a solo project, the group have only increased in tenacity, continuing to diligently hone their sound into something ultimately original; combining notes of indie-folk and electronic pop with soaring, soulful vocals. The lack of individualism from within the camp means there is nothing to tie them back, and with a single as refined and gracious as this; the sky is the limit. 

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