Track Of The Week

Here You’ll Find All Of Our Previous Tracks Of The Week!

Cat Ryan – Mary Shelley Song

Nøelle – Lvcie

Oscar Scheller – Half Eaten

Kid Brunswick – 4AM

Toby Johnson – Bulletproof

The Pylons – Grumble

Josie Proto – I Bet You Fall Apart

Ally Thorn – Poison

Sunflower Thieves – Hide & Seek

Baklavaa – Sugar Water

Lia Rye – Novacaine

Duccbod – Meet In The Middle

Delush – Lean On It

JJ Draper – Theft & The Flight

Telquist – Taste

John Louis – The South

KAHLLA – Sense Of Self

Fourthman – Say Something

KYŁO – Tell You

Ayite – Practice/Preach

Keir Gibson – Hollow

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