Royalty representing rapper; Dami has worked on his craft of flow for an unknown length of time, however his mixtape series; Royal Rumble vol. 1 & 2 immersed himself into the underground British Hip-Hop scene. Working with acts such as Loudhouse

This Colchester/London based artist serves as a bit of an enigma. With his mixtape series Royal Rumble vol. 1 & 2; we can tell he’s got a good feel for smooth, jazzy hip-hop instrumentals.
Royal Rumble vol. 2 really spoke to this, working with fellow underground British acts such as Protagonist within the boom-bap tones of Never Miss. But also showing a versatility in sound by sticking to an old school stanza over more energetic beats such as idripor from Royal Rumble vol. 2, featuring Slovakia’s TAOMI.

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