Royalty representing rapper; Dami has worked on his craft of flow for an unknown length of time, however his debut mixtape; Royal Rumble vol. 1 immersed himself into the underground British Hip-Hop scene. Working with acts such as Loudhouse

This London based artist serves as a bit of an enigma. Without a large following, kingdami has been able to garnish acknowledgment amongst many artists amongst the underground London Jazz Hip-Hop scene.
A heavy affiliate of Theodor Black; kingdami has collaborated with the likes of Osquello, King, Lcytn… the list goes on.
Featured in the Loudhouse x Keakie Studios event in Shoreditch 2019; and a small selection of Netil Radio; Lunchtime with Naffi freestyles.
Music isn’t the only industry on this artist’s radar, lifestyle brand Royalty© has been developed by kingdami over the last year, specialising in hoodies and T-shirts, the brand almost gives off a “merch” aura to his presence.
What we can gather is this artist has a passion for rapping, although without much to speculate on but a few rough soundcloud releases. We await for more on a bigger scale from this artist.