Inspired by the likes of Big Thief, Elliot Smith and Neil Young, JJ Draper offers a fresh taste of alternative rock, drenched in beautifully melancholic harmonies; drawing comparisons to Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. After working with BDI’s Ed Tullet, Draper has been working on new material with Joey Walker of Natural Habitat, meaning more mystically alluring content is not far away.

Talking about his first official release, Draper described ‘Zero Sum’ as “a song about emotional dislocation, regret and apology. I think the track reflects my inability at the time to comprehend the confusing emotions of a relationship ending; the song is an enchanted offering. The intimate nature to the lyrics can be heard throughout his discography, often describing personal tribulations through the medium of sonics, with the addition of a splintered synth representing a period within the timeline of the story for example. 2019 has seen JJ teamed up with Joey Walker of Natural Habitat Studios, who along with his band members and other contributors are constructing a new set of incredible tracks to grace the ears of anticipative fans.

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