Combining elements of Pop Rock and Grunge, London-based five-piece Automatic Laughter have created a sonic juxtaposition of heavy bass synths and hard hitting indie riffs. The group are planning further releases off the back of their latest single Feel The Lover; automatic bangers.

Describing themselves as ‘the polar opposite to dad rock’, the group are comprised of lead singer Tara Noble, lead guitarist Tom Marshall, bassist Bill Pell, synth player and guitarist Ramiz Imran and drummer James Doran. Their latest single ‘Feel The Lover’ evokes a passionate rhetoric, driven by distortion drenched guitars as Noble’s vocals burst through the thick sound wall, floating through the spaces as the song progresses into a climatic breakdown. After meeting at the University Of Westminster, the group spent time to craft their sound before releasing their first single Jungle in February 2019; despite categorising themselves as a rock band, there is no denying that this track has huge pop influences. A show at Hoxton Square Bar and The Islington is sure to cap off a busy summer for Automatic Laughter, with more intimate London shows on the horizon during the winter months….

Upcoming Shows