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One To Watch: The Pylons

Dealing with an honest portrayal of the human psyche, the London-based quintet stylishly narrate the trivial elements of life from their own melting pot of alternative rock and indie-pop. For any artist to represent a miscellany styles there must be a clear and obvious meld of influences, a deviation from

One To Watch: AyiTe

Born on the UK’s south coast, the North-London rapper traverses an eclectic combination of soul, old school hip-hop and subtle nuances of grime. Giving a nod to the venerable wordsmiths of the past, the Bournemouth-born lyricist balances vintage textures and contemporary instrumentation to create a genre-defying sound that breathes with

Annabel Allum Serves Up Another Dazzling Dose Of Slacker Rock In Her New Single ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’

Breathing with an alluring swagger, Allum has channeled her inner bravado into a thrilling compound of moody textures and staunchly resonant vocals in what is a brilliantly eccentric latest offering. Opening to a dusky blend of muted bass and dampened percussion, this contemporary twist on Gossip’s 2006 smash hit embraces

Top 8 Album Artwork

Science dictates that we see things before we hear them; music is no different. While some of the best songs ever made are remembered for the music alone, the visual accompaniment adorning its sleeve is essentially the equivalent to a book’s front cover, aimed at capturing the listeners attention before

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