Slowe Embraces The Avant-Garde In Her Suave Debut Offering ‘WYLTK’

Suitably falling on International Women’s Day, Wouldn’t You Like To Know preens up in an extravagant and chic ensemble to accompany its unbridled aura of sophistication; delivering a validated nod to the stylish female contemporaries of yesteryear.

The beauty of spontaneity can be found in its impulsive nature. Occurring at the spur of the moment to catch your expectations off guard. To be pleasantly surprised is one of life’s greatest fulfilments, yet this state is often allusive, as delicate as spiderwebs glistening in the morning dew.

Without a shred of hesitation, Slowe personifies this sentiment with absolute clarity. In one ostentatious swoop, this lucidity translates into sheer frisson, stimulated by the luscious onslaught of swinging polyrhythms and subtle modulation from the warbling guitars. In just under four minutes WYLTK manages to paint a dazzling opus with an impressive breadth of stylistic shades, blending the iridescence of bedroom pop into the more traditional hues of R&B and Neo-Soul.

Despite its assiduous demeanour, the mix retains a delicate aura that anticipates the ebb and flow of its frenetic scenery, revelling in its own moody panache. The glistening raindrops of oscillating reverb tails become corressed by subtle kisses of chorus, leaving you beaming like a full moon; entranced by its stylish grandeur.

I’m driven by the need to improve, and to learn everything I can about what makes up the sonic DNA of songs I hear. I tend not to think of music in genres but as just sounds that I like, and that’s my way of producing, by being intuitive. The song is about the unspoken thoughts we have, the ones we sometimes wish we’d say, and the things we don’t say to keep from stirring up confrontation.

I can only recall feeling this level of reverence on a few occasions, most notably during Steely Dan’s esteemed seventh album Gaucho, awestruck by it’s depth of instrumental flamboyance and the meticulous level of arrangement.

My ceaseless admiration is a testament to the perfectionist behind the microphone. Music has the power to transform you to other places this single did just that. If you close your eyes for a second, it’s as if the luscious pipes of Erykah Badu are in mid lilt, serenading the wide-eyed crowd as you sit front row under the brooding lights at Ronnie Scott’s.

As the final chorus drew to close I found myself asking the question, who is this burgeoning songstress from the home of welsh horse-racing? With a fluid and a mechanical design to match any chansonnier, I fully expect the ‘burgeoning’ label to mature in the coming months if this single is anything to go by. A debut single executed with this much precision is not only impressive but ultimately exciting, it begs the question of how far she can really go. With plans to release a debut album later this year, I guess we’ll find out in the coming months; a tantalising thought to give plenty of delicious food for thought.

I didn’t think it was possible to gild a lily, but in 5 letters, Slowe has well and truly changed my mind.

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