Sunflower Thieves Are Back With Their Hazy New Offering ‘Don’t Mind The Weather’

The sisterhood are back with another dewy-eyed nod to ethereal melancholy, candidly wrapped up their signature wistful package.

Pop-Folk. Two genres that on their own carry a startling juxtaposition, the first being a sign of sonic progression and ostentation, and the latter embodying a sense of tradition that proudly excludes the use of any mechanical control.

This contrast can often be a hard variance to tame, with many falling into the concealed trap of venturing too far into one genre and in turn advocating the other; these angelic burglars are the antithesis. If balance and poise had alter egos you’d be sure it was these two. I remember first hearing their sophomore release Heavy Weight back in 2019, and it’s not often you can recall the exact moment you were graced with a band’s presence, but in this rare instance it’s still as clear as a cube of solid sunshine.

With harmonies that could melt an iceberg, this latest endowment finds itself in a familiar territory to their previous glistening instalments; flowing with a grace as soothing as a soft summers evening. In their typical double-tracked and lusciously warm vocal tone, the duo worked in collaboration with fellow Leeds artist and friend, Mehalah Ray, to manufacture an opus that resembles the celestial spouse of Phoebe Bridgers and Fenne Lily.

Don’t Mind The Weather’ translates as, ‘don’t worry, this is where you’re grounded and safe’, a tale of wanting to make the most of that feeling and stay inside. We based it on the moon’s relationship with the tides, and the idea that it’s easy to get swept away in everything that’s going on, but that there’s beauty in that, and the relationship with this person overcomes it all anyway. The message conveyed is that no matter how the seasons and weather may change, the gravitational pull of the moon – the person you feel safe with – will keep you grounded and safe.

Just like the gravitational pull of the moon, this record generates a seismic wave of sentimentality, far less subjective than their precursory work. Originally arranged as an acoustic composition, the track swiftly blossomed into something more industrious.. well figuratively speaking.

In mythology there are countless references about the sunflower being a symbol of hope, happiness and renewal. All sentiments that need replenished given the current circumstances, and though our time as been looted, the only thing these thieves have stolen is our precious time, but ironically I couldn’t be more content with that.

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