Maud Is Back With Her Beguiling New Single ‘Alone Together’

In a transcendent homage to self-care, the Norwegian singer-songwriter has plunged head first into the visceral constructs of relationships and isolation.

Solitude is a feeling that has so many remedial properties; even when we can’t sense its ironic warmth. For some it offers a chance at self-discovery, for others a moment of reflection.

Behind the alias, Kristine Hoff is an artist who uses it to her artistic advantage, in this case contorting the theme of seclusion into a startling contrast to the bustle of a sociality that we have long been starved of. The end product is an almost dystopian lullaby that ebbs with a gracious sense of validity, exposed to the elements in a captivating heart-on-sleeve lament. As well as being a purposeful stylistic choice within the scope of the track, the mechanised use of autotune dehumanise the empowered vocal delivery, almost as if to detach the narrator from her words of anguish.

I think sometimes we’re more afraid of loneliness than we want to admit, and it can be difficult to actually say it out loud. The last year we’ve all kind of been alone, but together in facing these strange times. I hope the song can give the listener a sense of togetherness.

After growing up in a relatively isolated part of Northern Norway, Maud kissed goodbye to her frosty home-land and embarked on a spirited journey to the UK; one that would lead straight into the arms of Killing Moon in June 2019. Despite its melancholic and hazy demeanour, this record represents a lucid train of thought, serving as a reminder that we are all currently confined by the iron fist of the pandemic; and conceding to the honest reality may in-fact loosen the shackles of dejection.

Alone Together. A beautiful oxymoron don’t you think?

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