Kahlla Faces Indecision Head On In Her Sparkling New Instalment ‘Thread’

After the immense success of her glistening EP ‘Sense Of Self’, the German-born songstress (aka Freya Volk) is back with another unmissable taste of sumptuously dreamy art-pop.

The word thread has two meanings. One being a theme or characteristic running through an idea or value, and the other a thin strand of delicate fibre. In a convoluted way, both of these definitions go some way towards describing this sleek and tranquil latest offering.

The former personifies the songs motif, capturing a discordant image of the writer sewing a seed of doubt in their own mind; coming face to face with the gruelling decision of whether to stay or go. In a manner indicative of Volk’s vulnerable lyricism, the latter construes the formidable air of emotional fragility that flows unhindered through the mix. Breathy isn’t a word I often use, yet its onomatopoeic value renders it as the perfect adjective.

Now onto the topic of layers. You can never have too many, no matter what the subject. The more bricks the taller and more robust the building will be, throw in another sheet of pasta and your lasagna will only increase in flavour; a song follows the same concept, and this one does it flawlessly. In one seamless action the holy trinity of keys, vocals & percussion blend together in a celestial display of introspective pop, forming an intricate film of warmth that flutters gracefully across the scenery.

“Thread was written about being in a relationship and wondering: Where do I end and where do you start? You are wondering whether you’re capable of leaving and being on your own. Once you’ve spent so much time with a person that your lives are entangled on every level undoing that knot can be a very scary prospect.”

Co-produced by Duncan Pym (Mysie, Litany), Thread arrives as the first enchanting single off of her upcoming project ‘Time’, to be released in spring 2021. This sophomore EP presents Kahlla’s most self-assured body of work to date, keeping fans patiently waiting, whilst leaving our expectations hanging by a… yes you guessed it.

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