Duccbod Has Hardened The Heart In His Compelling New Single ‘No Sympathy’

The rising Lincolnshire talent has dissected the often gruelling notion of hindsight in this sizzlingly candid new chapter, revealing his own battle against painful introspection.

Delving deep into the realms of sonic fluidity, ‘No Sympathy’ boldly traverses across a colourful spectrum of alternative grunge, indie rock and neo-americana, serving as an enchanting precursor to his biggest and most industrious project yet. Unafraid to dive headfirst into his own imperfections, the end product is a fascinatingly dynamic voyage into the fragmented mind, guided by a mystical recipe of shaded guitars, clamorously cadenced drums and matter-of-fact lyricism. 

“No sympathy was written over a year before its release and during a fairly dark time for me. During the time of writing I was going through complications with an ex of mine that was due to many complications with my inner self. When writing music I often take the situations that i’m going through and exaggerate them from the different perspectives of the situation in order to draw out the rawness of the emotions it causes so i can come to terms with what the problems are and counsel myself in a sense. “No Sympathy” is a prime example of this, I was really coming to terms with the darker emotions that lingered in me and through the form of music, purged myself of them”

Indicative of his stylistic miscellany, Duccbod’s artistry has undergone a transition since his more bedroom-pop inspired creations. Influenced by the likes of The 1975, Lil Peep, Sublime and Post Malone, the mark of his constant evolution came after working with RYP Recordings’s Joey Walker on a new portfolio that is finally ready to be introduced to the world.

With over 20 singles under his belt, the young singer-songwriter continues to inspire a mature message of lyrical empathy, playing on our most visceral of feelings that capture the volatile nature of juvenescence.

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