LATENITEXENO & Petal Boy Are ‘Feeling Alright With You’ In This Starry Eyed Lament

As Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford once said: “what you lose in compromise, you gain by collaboration”, a statement that perfectly encapsulates the attitude of the London-born multi-instrumentalist.

Despite the stylistic pillars of low fidelity denoting a slant on imperfection, LATENITEXENO is an artist that uses this granular aesthetic to accentuate his sonic footprint. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Smiths, Oasis, Joji & Eric Clapton, the bedroom producer refuses to be categorised, instead his soulful concoction of soft-rock, indie pop and glo-fi breathe with an arty experimentalism, akin to the avant-garde makeup of Japanese Breakfast and Ariel Pink.

Splintering the constructs of any genre is a bold and daring move, yet this single invariably imbues into the empty spaces, personifying the artists own purpose to defy conventions whilst narrating the hardships that trail alongside juvenility. Teaming up with Brighton-native Petal Boy, the fusion of languid vocals and soft percussion makes for a collaboration made in heaven, making for the ideal soundtrack during these shimmering winter twilight hours.

The pandemic has fractured our daily routines, plunging normality into a state of dystopia; it’s safe to say the people are hungry for an escape. ‘Feeling Alright With You’ is about taking it slow and enjoying the little moments, no matter how ancillary, a sentiment we can all relate to in this moment in time.

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