Killing Moon Release Latest Compilation ‘New Moons Vol. XIV

Since its launch almost 8 years ago, the ‘New Moons’ playlist has sought to showcase the hottest new music from some of the most promising artists in the scene.

The music world is saturated with pockets of unchartered domains, leaving a plethora of undiscovered talent waiting patiently for their chance at the spotlight. This latest 17-track compilation taps into the spaces yet to be truly uncovered, featuring a blend of new R&B, indie, pop and punk from a number of budding stars in the making.

Aiming to provide a springboard for emerging talent, the mixtape features artists across an array of genres, from Jools’ fuzz alt-rock and Swim School’s
dreamy indie, to London wordsmith Theodor Black’s late-night poetic rap. With previous compilation series featuring the likes of Bad Sounds, Marsicans, The Ninth Wave, cleopatrick, Idles, Nadine Shah, Calva Louise and Fickle Friends, you can be sure that a number of acts on this list will go on to achieve commercial success in their own respected fields.

“New Moons is about support emerging talent & showcasing talent to the wider music industry. With the current state of the world due to the pandemic, it is crucial for us to provide a platform for artists to push their art when they can’t physically go out. New Moons is made to give listeners the inside tip on who you should be listening to before they become huge”

Sam Hong, Project Manager at Killing Moon

Despite the obvious restrictions of the pandemic, Killing Moon are taking a resistant stance against the limitations, continuing to provide opportunities for breakthrough artists during one of the industry’s most difficult periods.

The before-mentioned restrictions have rendered their yearly ‘Lunacincos’ festival as unfeasible, however the team have adapted and conquered the curtailment, introducing a 5-day live-stream hosted at London’s Colours in partnership with Native FM. Streamed to over 3 million music lovers and students throughout February, Killing Moon continue to champion the abundance of burgeoning flair residing within the industry walls.

Pick Of The Bunch: Artio

Gritty, thought-provoking and deeply sincere. Just some of the adjectives you could use to describe the Leeds-born dark-pop trio. Delivered with spades of unapologetic bravado, their brand new single ‘Billionaire Nightmare’ transforms into a fiery and vibrant spectacle of punchy riffs, glitching synths and captivating melodies; bearing resemblance to a female-led Linkin Park.

We’re so excited to be a part of this upcoming compilation, let alone be the lead track! Being on an album with such amazing and diverse musicians in such a crazy time just makes us feel like a part of something, supporting the arts and everyone involved. ‘Billionaire Nightmare’ was bare bones when we were asked to be a part of the next New Moons, she’s all grown up now and ready to tear you a new one!


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