Palma Louca Detail the Monotony Ingrained Within Modern Society In Their New Single ‘Stationary Life’

The Newcastle quintet have challenged the rampant sense of tedium in this glistening slice of alt-rock.

The pressures and uncertainty of the pandemic have caused a seismic change in societal equanimity, testing our patience and fortitude to its very limit. In a style indicative of the genre they reside in, Palma Louca have emphatically diverted our attention from this adversity in a spectacle of dazzling neo-psychedelic shoegaze.

While exploring the outer limits of guitar texture and tonality, ‘Stationary Life’ delves into a world where auditory fabric eclipses the importance of structure, burrowing into your subconscious like a euphonious ear-worm. Drawing comparisons to Australian counterparts Flyying Colours, crystallised guitars grapple against taut rolling drums, arching hazily onto a flamboyant blanket of rich melodic warmth that teeters across the stereo image.

[Stationary Life] was inspired as a general comment on the way our society is constructed; the title of the song alludes to a lack of meaning in many peoples’ day-to-day lives that stems from the way modern society operates. This theme is reflected through the songwriting, as the narrative isn’t overly focused – instead being more relaxed and loose – structurally speaking. In this way, the first verse addresses the listener directly whilst the second verse highlights some examples of superficial ideals.

Joe (singer & guitarist)

In a manner that leaves little to be desired, the record paints itself in a stylish lacquer of polish, rounded off by an infectiously joyous chorus that leaves your subconscious with an intangible buzz. In recent years, shoegaze and its ambiguous history has seen a revival within popular music culture, with the likes of Beabadoobe, Malady and Newdad taking the industry by storm. With their footprint teetering on the edge of dream-pop, the boys have savoured a vintage and contemporary sound that resonates more with every play; offering a true sense of originality with the zeal to match.

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