Paperwing Delivers A Blissful Salute To Spring In Her Soothing New Single ‘Blackbirds’

Embodying it’s title with absolute lucidity, the Swedish composer has constructed a light and airy new offering, much like the warm-blooded vertebrates the song gives its name to.

As a totem, the blackbird has an extraordinary meaning. They represent knowledge, believed by many to carry a universal state of intelligence and cunning. Recounting the commonality of life’s most ubiquitous emotions, this avant-garde pop inspired lullaby narrates a story of love, life and all the mysteries that intertwine within our wonderful existence.

Paperwing AKA Jenny Soovik has brought to life a light and airy vocal performance that weaves delicately through captivating melodies and charming lyricism. Draped in a gracious Scandinavian glow, Blackbirds is a beautiful and soulful example of sonic simplicity, leaving you dazed by its elegance and refreshing shine.

“I played around on an acoustic guitar one day and this melody came to me. It was early spring, and I could hear blackbirds outside my window. I wanted to express that feeling of love and bliss, like waking up next to your loved one on a sunny spring day. One of the most beautiful songs I know is Paul McCartney’s Blackbird, and I also wanted to find ways to respectfully interweave that into this song in a fun and playful way.
This will be the second single on my upcoming EP, Prism.”

The instrumental remains unperturbed by complication, stripped back and beautifully placid like the yawning of the morning sun over a glacial landscape. The hollow cadence from the nylon guitar sits centre stage as Soovik’s falsetto dances seductively through the mix, swaying colourfully and with a charming confidence.

After studying at one of Sweden’s most prestigious conservatories, the prowess of this single comes as no surprise, and we wont have to wait long before her forthcoming EP Prism graces our ears in similar fashion.

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