Graywave Confronts The Feeling of Anxiety In Her Enchanting New Single ‘Before’

Listed as the final track on her upcoming debut EP ‘Planetary Shift’, the singer-songwriter has bandaged the scars of mental fragility in this beautifully zealous and compelling homage to self-care.

Resonating with a mystical air of foreboding, Before is a single shroud in a healthy and resolute dose of irony. Unlike the emotional delicacy of its origin, the soundscape cuts an acute figure, saturated in an opaque compound of coarse distortion and cavernous reverb that constrict your ears in a bountiful mix of vitality and warmth.

Revelling in its own contradiction, the instrumental assumes the demeanour of a nightmarish lullaby that you can’t help but revel in, rendering the listener breathless by its gloomy spectacle that shifts lavishly from metal-core to noise rock. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Lacuna Coil and Darlia, her contemporary edge contorts the boundaries of genre, personified by its dynamism and an unrelenting aura of mystery; pushing the senses into a world of transcendence.

“Before’ is about the realisation that you cannot always escape negative feelings and events. This song was a way to express how I feel when I get particularly anxious and start thinking about all the negatives in my life and the world – expressing that through lyrics and music really helped me deal with it.”


Curiosity is one of life’s greatest instincts, born from our aptitude for discovery and the fear of the unknown. Before embodies this assertion, expressing a desire to meld the illusory with reality both in a sonic and lyrical sense. Graywave’s artistry serves as a cathartic reminder to give credence to regression, that even through times of angst the future will always hold brighter days.

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