Galactic Dust Serve Up A Delicious Slice Of Indie-Pop in ‘The Pizza Song’

Paying tribute to the nostalgic tones of the 90’s, the north-London outfit give a classical nod to alternative R&B with dashes of psychedelic rock.

Characterised by a tongue-in-cheek disposition, Galactic Dust have graced our ears with a wholesome serving of female empowerment, topped with a rich garnish of sauce and an unapologetic side plate of irreverence. With its iconic cover art, the single portrays a vignette of juxtaposing sexual magnetism with humour and personality, with the barrier between male and female representation purposefully shattered.

Comprised of lead singer Noam, guitarist Alfie and bassist Mattia, the trilogy have disrupted the stereotypical imagery attached to women in pop culture, appropriating the idea of seduction and pleasure in a dazzling display of sonic ingenuity. By paying homage to bedroom production, the group stay true to their craft, creating every artefact in-house and with an unrelenting sense of authenticity.

After an extensive period of crate digging, soul searching and experimenting, the trio have sharpened their edges and honed a sound that infuses a host of influences, traversing an eclectic path between vintage and contemporary. This new instalment breathes with a liberty and sass that truly reflects the impression the band are trying to emanate, concluding an absorbing record that is sure to have people coming back for more; especially the pizza.

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