Nathaniel Paul Escapes The Turmoil Of 2020 In The Inspirational ‘Songbird’

The Bergamot frontman has lamented the feeling of emotional confinement in this Neo-folk inspired story of personal liberation.

For the majority, the preceding year proved to forsake all that it touched, refusing to shift its stubborn air of negativity. Though the turmoil derailed the regularity of daily life, in many instances it sparked a wave of creativity, forcing artists to channel their inner escapists in order to reclaim a sense of normality.

Packing a virtuous rhetoric that coats the mix in a blissful retrospect, Songbird embraces that very notion of defiance, funnelled through a wistful duct of contemplation. Its nonchalant swing and almost drowsy drum tone push it into the realms of the psychedelic, bearing comparisons to Mac Demarco’s 2014 record Salad Days, yet the staunch dynamism leans towards the likes of Eels and Irish folk project Villagers.

This contorted take on a more traditionally stylistic genre is as captivating as it is imposing, taking us on a fascinatingly gripping voyage into a sanguine world, far beyond the acrimony of the year just passed. Paul has tenderly signalled a period of definite change and reflection, reinstalling an appreciation for life that many bound to the furthest corners of their cerebrum.

With this new instalment now circulating across the mediums of listenership, the Michigan-born multi-instrumentalist will look towards the summer of 2021 to release his debut full-length solo album; keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

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