Inspired by the likes of Big Thief, Elliot Smith and Neil Young, the singer-songwriter offers a fresh taste of alternative rock, drenched in a melancholy that placates as it beguiles.

Venturing into songwriting with an unflinching approach, Draper’s flair combines the sentimentality of personal tribulations with a homespun ambience, embroiled in its own vulnerable essence. Drawing inspiration from the vehemence of Surfjan Stevens, Big Thief and Wilco, his latest body of work weaves a sonic fabric of alternative rock with its roots firmly buried in the realms of folk.

The smooth transition between placidity and instrumental flamboyance offers a contrasting look into each of the stories being narrated, expressing an emotional dislocation between the composition and the artist. Engineered with a purposeful ambiguity, the blend of splintered synths, wailing guitars and conspicuous string arrangements manifest into a genre of their own, fluid and unsettled, yet fully sustained in its own grandeur.

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