Through time our memories become bound to nostalgia, thoughts that are often stimulated by our senses; Duccbod is an embodiment of that statement. Offering a melodically cordial insight into the fragmented mind, his colourful concoction of cloud-rap, soul and indie rock is a wholly unique sonic experience.

Indicative of his stylistic ambivalence, the Lincolnshire lyricist portrays an earnest figure, from his delicately muttered vocal cadence to the visceral nature of the themes that drive his creative vision. Since the start of 2018, the singer-songwriter has been on an industrious release campaign, dropping 23 singles and gaining an almost vehement following in the process.

Born Ryan Skidmore, Duccbod’s artistry has undergone a stylistic transition since his more bedroom-pop inspired creations. Influenced by the likes of The 1975, Lil Peep, Sublime and Post Malone, the artist himself stated ‘theres an unlimited amount of music that contain different values and ideologies, so why stick to one when you can take inspiration and motivation from them all?

Despite this ability to transform and evolve, his alluring blend of chorus, distortion and delay generates an urbanity that has become something of a trademark, leaning into the realms of grunge and alternative-hip hop in places, and yet managing to sustain a real sense of originality. As the new year beckons, so does the impending sound of new content from an artist that has the world at his humble feet.

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