Citing some of her influences as Amy Winehouse & The Internet, the London-based songstress mixes tones of melodic neo-soul with more contemporary textures in an ultimately captivating display of artistic finesse.

Born Yasmin Taylor-Gencer to English and Turkish parents, Aiyla’s sound grapples with interpretation, on occasions leaning towards the more eclectic subtleties of R&B, and yet still fluid enough to lead us on a journey of sonic ambiguity. The impression of a huskier Erykah Badu is one comparison that springs to mind, twinned with an ardent tenacity that truly showcases her compellingly dynamic vocal delivery.

Confined in London’s concrete jungle since 2016 after pursuing a music degree, the industrious lifestyle provided a stimulus for the singer to record her debut single ‘Wanna Know‘, a powerful and edgy example of genre flexibility, roaming through various styles with a delightedly smattering of chorus drenched guitars and crisp break beat drums. Nearly a year on from her last release, Yaz is ready to confront the unpredictability of 2021 with her invigorating taste of musical ingenuity; a thought to be savoured if ever there was one.

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