Mystic Peach Release Grunge-Rock Inspired Wanna Be My Daddy?

The Southampton-born trio have conveyed an enthrallingly boisterous essence in their haunting new offering.

Portraying the obvious lethargy of provincial living, Mystic Peach have encapsulated the feeling of self-confrontation in this frenzied and beautifully chaotic display of sonic intensity. As slabs of roaring drums meet a compound of droning guitars and clamorous vocals, the explosive and infectious soundscape permeate the mix with layers of unyielding ferocity.

Following vigorously on from previous singles Across The Pond and The Eye And The Twitch, ‘Wanna Be My Daddy?’ sees a strikingly personal touch become enshroud in a smokescreen of aggression, mixing the vintage venerability of The Cramps with the contemporary tones of The White Stripes.

Speaking about the video created by Josh Whettingsteel, singer Curtis Gale says:

 “This video idea turned up after having a phone call with my friend/manager, Jamie. We were coming up with ideas as we knew we needed a video but were limited due to lockdown. Josh Whettingsteel came to mind and as a huge fan of his work, I was impulsive and decided he was the one. I could already see it in my head – This Is England imagery, distorted dystopian visions of the past whilst confronting it with soft homosexuality and natural “feminine” beauty. All I had to do was explain to Josh what the song was about. All credit goes to him. He managed to get inside my head which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence on what this is about, I’m sure you can read between the lines.”

With the pandemic shelving the live industry for the time being, the south-coasters have been able to hone their bewitching live show, which now benefits from the addition of this eerie piece of 90’s grunge, set amongst an already star-studded set list.

Delivering a raucous taste of alternative psych-rock, Mystic Peach have stood up to be counted amongst the masses, posing with a defiant posture that demands recognition from all who listen to it. This single challenges the idea of emotional instability with a dauntless sense of stability, underlining the glorious and purposeful nature of self-confidence in their own charming discordance.

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