Annabel Allum Serves Up Another Dazzling Dose Of Slacker Rock In Her New Single ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’

Breathing with an alluring swagger, Allum has channeled her inner bravado into a thrilling compound of moody textures and staunchly resonant vocals in what is a brilliantly eccentric latest offering.

Opening to a dusky blend of muted bass and dampened percussion, this contemporary twist on Gossip’s 2006 smash hit embraces a more intricate persona, flaunting its fragility with a softened bravado. As layers of swooning guitars and lazed drums interlace, Allum’s brittle yet celestial voice evokes a comparison to the likes of Florence Welch and Susanne Sundfør, lilting with the tone as crisp as early morning dew.

Standing In The Way Of Control. What a song and little did I know back then that it could mean more to me now. An anthem that would diffuse the steam from my furious “why do I have to be queer” teenage years, and a moment of synergy when Beth Ditto asks me onto her EU/UK tour in 2017.

Annabell Allum

The Guildford-based singer-songwriter has once again graced our ears with her charmingly sulky rhetoric that has seen the likes of FADER, DIY and The Line of Best Fit championing her corner, underlining her backing as one of the most vitally sarcastic voices in the indie scenes and we for one can’t get enough of it.

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