Jess Fitz Releases The Stormy, Pop-Inspired ‘Love Tomorrow’

Exploring the notion of vulnerability and the unbridled sense of fear that lingers with it, Fitz has marched emphatically into the spotlight with this powerfully dark new offering.

From the unprecedented ascent of social media, to the technological advancements in telecommunication, our connectivity with each other has never been easier. However this progress has, in many cases, come at a detriment to the humanistic side of our existence, often hidden by the illuminating backlight of a phone or laptop screen.

After the summer euphoria of her previous anthem ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’, the South East London resident has embraced the seasonal change in what is a more melancholic affair, challenging the attitude towards online interaction with a raw defiance. With its instrumental simplicity and lyrical introspection, Love Tomorrow gives a compelling nod to industry powerhouses Adele and Lorde whilst showcasing Fitz astonishingly dynamic vocal delivery.

2020 has, for many of us, laid down a ruthless barrier of uncertainty and discord, with people from all walks of life becoming effected by the pandemic. Conversely, Fitz has moved with an inspiring stubbornness, releasing a string of singles that have accumulated a healthy stream count, along with a hearty support from the likes of BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing & Amazing Radio.

Arriving as the final single with co-writer Tony McHugh and mastering engineer Stuart Hawkes, Fitz has gently sealed off this crafted collection of tracks with a misty glaze, closing the chapter on what has been an incredibly successful year; 2021 beckons.

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