Make Friends Release Powerful New Offering ‘Kung Fu’

The Bristol- based outfit have paid homage to those in the creative industry who find themselves at the tail-end of an incredibly turbulent year.

Off the back of their debut EP ‘Hi’, the melodic alternative-pop quartet have commenced a stylistic change in tone in this entrancingly smooth new offering. Playing on our most visceral of feelings, ‘Kung Fu’ captures an alluring blend of celestial vocals, provocatively plucked guitars and sonorous drums, melded into a sparkling display of sonic ingenuity.

“Kung-Fu translates to ‘hard / skilful work’ and ‘time spent’. This seems a fitting title for a time where most of those in creative industries, having trained for years to develop skills utilising their hands and feet, are now being told to retrain. It’s about protecting the value in anything that takes your time and energy.”

Produced by Peter Sené (Everything Everything) and mixed by Bruno Ellingham (The Maccabees), ‘Kung-Fu’ serves as an empowering dance anthem, championing those who have had to endure one of the most unsettled periods in our industry’s lifetime. This shimmering nod to defiance and optimism promotes a shared appreciation for people who are bending over backwards for their art, a sentiment which summarises the identity of the band themselves.

Without sounding too dramatic, this song offers light at what is an otherwise difficult time; uplifting and joyous to the point of being infectious. Make Friends have produced the perfect sonic accompaniment for the lockdown blues we’re all so desperately trying to remedy, so stick it on your playlist now, wait for those sunny days to roll in and enjoy a glistening taste of alternative indie-pop.

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