BluesfortheHorn Releases Shimmering New Single ‘Hold Your Pace’

After a successful and promising start to the year, from supporting the likes of Yazmin Lacey on her UK tour to receiving an impressive first TV Sync opportunity on the hit show NCIS:LA, BluesfortheHorn returns with her heartwarming new single ‘Hold Your Pace’.

Touching on the nostalgic sentiment of love and intimacy, 90’s RnB collides with contemporary soul in what is a passionate display of congenial songwriting.

With gentle dashes of shimmering piano and a flourishingly grooving beat it’s almost impossible to not become overcome by its charm. Catchy to the ears and extremely radio-friendly, ‘Hold Your Pace’ is influenced by a desire to love and the need for excitement and passion in a modern 21st century relationship.

Baring an unfastened expression, the songstress discloses her deepest desires, affirming her preference for intelligence and ambition in a love interest – a confident sapiosexual with a sentiment story to share. With the sultry sonics produced by Sunset DRVR, the singer-songwriter has embraced her most honest songwriting to date, with this new chapter introducing a more mature, raw and vulnerable side to her artistry.

This beautifully crafted new offering has only enhanced the feeling of anticipation surrounding BluesfortheHorn, and we among many others look forward to seeing what is to come from her in the future, with whispers of an incoming EP rising to the surface.

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