The Pylons Drop Cover Of The Special’s Timeless Classic ‘Ghost Town’

On the heels of this halloween period, the Indie-Rock quintet have channelled their inner demons in this tasteful modern remake in support of the Grassroots Music Venue Crisis Fund.

Teaming up with London-based Rapper Ayite, the group have sought to champion the incredible work that the MVT are doing to ensure that the live music industry and can sustain itself through the pandemic.

During these unprecedented times, it’s forecasted that over 500 venues across the UK are at risk of closing, causing a catastrophic ripple effect throughout the live music community. By purchasing the single for £1 through band camp you will be helping to provide emergency financial support to thousands of artists, workers and musicians across the country, so they can survive what has been one of the most challenging periods in our industry’s history. 

Purchase The Single On Bandcamp Here


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