Lo Returns With Heartrending New Single ‘Away’

Returning to the fore after the success of her debut EP ‘Plan For An Independent Future’, the Australian-born singer-songwriter has superseded expectations in her magnificently impassioned new offering.

Uncovering the notion of desperation and longing, Lo has channelled the perennial feeling of vulnerability that exists within all of us in this latest lamenting instalment. With a voice that harbours an almost frosty resonance, her soothing intonation slowly dazes your mind into a solemn state of euphoria, leaving you captivated by the accompanying hazy instrumentation.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Wildwood Kin, Lo’s charmingly veracious lyrical touch serves only to enhance the singles continual grace, serenaded by layers of reverb-coated textures that embellish the soundscape in a breathtaking display of sonic simplicity.

“It was one of those moments where the song wrote itself. I thought why don’t I just write as honestly as possible, about how I’m feeling in this moment. And that moment was the aftermath of taking some space from my girlfriend.”

Despite its forlorn essence, the mix gently saunters into a cacophony of rich vocal textures, swaying between the continuous rhythmic strums from the guitar as her vocals calmly wrap around your ears in a reassuring fashion. ‘Away’ is a powerful statement that breathes with passion and warmth, underlining that through moments of hardship and heartbreak, where isolation can become overwhelming, we are in fact not alone.

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