Hello Cosmos Unleash Exhilarating New Single ‘Fuse’

Whilst igniting a flame of euphoria and escapism, the Manchester-based alt-rock outfit have laid down an explosive statement of intent in what is a tantalising glimpse of their debut album.

Mobilising a cacophony of rock-infused electronica, this new offering growls and blusters in typical post-punk fashion, paying homage to the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Pixies. To describe their artistry in a single phrase wouldn’t be enough, but that is a testament to their stark originality. ‘Fuse’ is a fitting introduction to the quartet’s intense and flighty soundscape, whisking us away into a whirlwind of distorted bass and billowing drums.

“Fuse is about getting a little older, the world getting on top of you, too much TV and screen time, too much infuriation & self doubt that the media makes worse. Then a fuse is lit, leading to a bomb that explodes with a psychedelic wonderland of a night out. Because of the times we live in this feels like a soundtrack to the journey out of lockdown back to the party side of the brain, that can’t come soon enough for everyone in the live music community.”

With a resonance that would feel as at home in a mosh-pit as it would on a dance floor, Hello Cosmos look to unite our long-awaited desire to return to normality, with this new single offering the perfect antidote after a prolonged period of languid isolation.

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