Phantom Isle Release 80’s Inspired New Single ‘Whip’

The continuing uncertainty of 2020 has plunged many of us into a state of emotional ambiguity, unsure about what’s to come. London-based new wave outfit Phantom Isle have challenged that feeling of ambivalence in their frenzied new offering ‘Whip’.

Following on from their widely supported previous single ‘MAR V’, the Northampton-born 5-piece have created an alluringly fantastical combination of disco, punk and psychedelia, drawing comparisons to the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip.

Opening to a shimmering sequence of intricate chord progressions, oscillating synths and crisp rolling drums, this new gleaming single hits with another fast and vibrant taste of hypnotic synth-rock, steam-rolled into an electronically operatic journey of bellowing bass notes and fragmented time signatures.

“I​ wrote the lyrics by putting myself back into the mindset of my teenage years. It was a very turbulent time for me, and my mind became a hotbed of chaotic thoughts and selfish decisions. This song explores an alternate history that never happened. Drum-wise, I was trying to make the song as danceable as possible. Think uptempo disco crossed with ‘Dare’ by Gorillaz. On top of that, we added a whole heap of percussion rhythms to push against the driving drum pattern.

Coming as the bi-product of a jam session at their rehearsal studio in Tottenham last year, ‘Whip’ is littered with sprinkles of magic, that leave you gasping at its dynamic charm. Phantom Isle have once again demonstrated a relentless attitude towards honing their own sonic footprint, leading to a record that emanates the impression of a band who really are at the top of their game.

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