Alderman’s Sound of October

In this edition of Selective Hearing we’ll be reviewing some of the best dance records released this month.

@tonyscaddan – Feelz EP:

Tony Scaddan’s two track EP on Ole Groove features low-rumbling grooves and smooth yet uplifting builds. In Feelz, the percussion bounces off the groove created by the deep, sub bass line melody. Further up the mix, a recurring synth pattern blends nicely with the low end. Transitionally, Scaddan uses fx to keep the energy at high levels throughout the track and indeed the mix. She Special is more simple yet still retains a high level of production. In adding the female vocal, Tony gives this track more of a hook than Feelz. Coupled with clever use of automation in the build ups on various percussive elements, the second half of the EP is minimal yet energetic nonetheless.

@flowtekdj – DISKOTEK:

Flowtek – hailing from Manchester – released their single DISKOTEK this month. The vocal sample is really nicely sliced up and introduced bit by bit until the listener realises where it’s from. Central to the drum groove are the percussion hits which bounce off each other nicely. Finally, the bass-line melody creates a low rumbling groove and is key to maintaining the energy throughout the track. – New Orleans (DATE TBC):

Birmingham DJ and Producer duo – Mizo – throw it back with trad jazz influences in a house record. Listening to it you feel like you’re sitting in a smoky underground club. However, with clean, minimal house grooves underneath, this track equally transports you into a modern day dance floor. With a classic spoken word vocal, this record is an eclectic mix of old and new.

@blocofficialuk – Party Man:

BLOC from Lincoln give their twist on a classic pop tune. Adding a chunky house groove and deep bass-line, they transform Prince’s “Party Man” into a contemporary dance floor mover. What stands out to me is the segue into the original track, reminding the listener of the contrasting grooves and eras within the record.

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