Dark Tropics Release New Single ‘Moroccan Sun’

Drenched in cinematic nuance, the Belfast duo have solidified their glowing reputation in what is a captivatingly vibrant new offering.

Though the Northern-Irish capital may not be famed for it’s sweltering heat, ‘Moroccan Sun’ breathes with a melodramatic buzz, twisting and throbbing as it underlines the fragmented and often fragile nature of human life.

Balancing precariously across the whole spectrum of pop-noir, splashes of soulful melodies and instrumental fluidity form into a perfectly weighted use of light and shade, antagonising the mix into bouncing with a joyous flare that renders the listener powerless to its volatile brightness.

Whilst retaining their own sense of ingenuity, the pair have delved into a buzzing hive of influences, melding contemporary and classic elements as an enthusiastic nod to the likes of Julee Cruise and The Sleep Thieves. In a masterful show of self expression, this playful interpretation of alternative pop serves as a reminder of the long-forgotten summer months that many of us wish would return; igniting a notion of celebration at a time where the world needs it the most.

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