Rising Star Josie Proto Releases New Single ‘I Bet You Fall Apart’

Following on from the success of her debut EP, the singer-songwriter has graced fans with another taste of vibrant indie-pop in what is a vivaciously charming new offering.

Championing those who have found themselves on the edge of a bitter breakup, Proto has embraced all things vintage in what is a glamorous and alluring combination of 80’s inspired synths, glitchy midi drums and delicately layered vocals.

Drawing comparisons to early Kate Nash, this new single balances sonic awkwardness with an experimental bravado that traverses across the genre scale, refusing to be categorised in playful fashion. As the instrumental takes on an almost childish demeanour, Proto assumes the role of the estranged narrator, detailing the peculiar specifics to the story with her hallmark reverb-drenched delivery.

“It is about getting the ‘ick’! That feeling when you know that you’re both losing interest and the relationship is coming to an end whether you like it or not, and to save yourself the embarrassment you want to get it over and done with before they do. It’s a snooty-nose and selfish song about coming out of a relationship looking the best. I wrote it when I was in college and one of my friends had got the ‘ick’ with her long-termboyfriend; we allknew that he was thinking about breaking up with her so she wanted to get in there first.”

Josie Proto

Heralded as one of Brightons best up-and-comers, Josie has once again managed to capture the emotional fluidity of life through the intriguing eyes of a young aspiring artist, sharing teenage experiences and misfortunes from a refreshingly light hearted perspective.

This playfully candid approach has only added to the unrelenting buzz surrounding the teenager, who will go into the winter months having had an extremely impressive 2020.

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