The Pylons Release Thrilling New Single ‘Grumble’

Dealing with an honest portrayal of the human psyche, the London based five-piece have produced a raw and dynamic sketch of melancholy that bursts with lyrical ingenuity, lulling you into a world of contemplation.

Serving as an enthusiastic nod to the unappreciated and the unsung, the London-based five-piece have laid down a defiant statement of intent in their dizzyingly joyous new offering. Drawing comparisons to early Bombay Bicycle Club, this newly aggressive sound balances itself playfully between indie-rock and alternative-pop, detailing the the volatile nature of life in a eclectic array of layered drums, swooning guitars and bitingly sharp vocals.

As we’re guided head-first into a turbulent yet composed soundscape, lyrics glide across the mix in a delicately controlled combination of chorus and reverb. Despite its ferocity, the hook however doesn’t portray a sign of desperation, instead it breaths with a sense of optimism, drenched in a warm coating of ambient synths.

Accompanied by a beautifully constructed music video directed by BIGFATCREATIVE, the group are slowly cementing their reputation as one of Londons new up-and-comers, and we for one can’t wait to drown out the isolation of winter with this compelling release.

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