Zachary Knowles Drops Feel-Good ‘Slow Summer’

Hailing from the city of Magnolia, Texas, indie-pop meets smooth Americana in rising up-and-comer Zachary Knowle’s inspired new offering.

Dripping with nostalgic nuances, this latest record promotes the sound of an artist that strives to be redefined, combining a subtle blend of vintage and contemporary textures in what is an imposing display of individuality. Opening to a compound of palm-muted acoustic guitars and Knowles velvet-like vocal tone, the instrumental simplicity draws you closer to the lyrics. Unfastened and exposed, the words bleed with an emotional, almost vulnerable cadence, detailing the artists own battles with social discordance.

As the tender notes of the piano break from the reticent pre-chorus, the mix gathers momentum into the joyous flow of the chorus, pulsing and throbbing in a polished display of rhythmic simplicity. By using a clever parity of harmonic layering in the hook, the sentimental intonation in the entire track lifts itself onto another level.

“I wanted to write a song that illustrated what it was like for me when I battled anxiety and how I almost let it control my life. But rather than become complacent and just do what everybody else wanted me to do, I decided to put faith into my decisions.”

Zachary Knowles

Facing the stigma of masculinity with a beautiful sense of defiance, ‘slow summer’ makes full use of disparity and contrast, balancing a deeply personal and honest rhetoric with an upbeat and buoyant soundscape. After signing to The FADER’s prestigious record label arm earlier this year, the sky is the limit for Knowles, especially if this record is anything to go by: a true ear-worm of the highest calibre.

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