2020 has proven to be one of the most difficult in history, sending the world into a frenzy of uncertainty. Amidst the chaos and confusion, music has shone as a constant beacon of hope; a sentiment that perfectly encapsulates our artist of the month.

Performing under the pseudonym delush, Berlin based, Irish native Enda Gallery is an artist who refuses to be categorised. Taking inspiration from the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Frank Ocean, the singer-songwriter twists and contorts the line between rock, pop and folk in a sulky and atmospheric show of creative talent.

His debut album The Journey To Zero was one of this summers most impressive releases, portraying the inner workings of the disorientated mind in nine sparkling chapters. The sophistication of the record is its coda, it’s not trying to be anything it’s not, yet it leaves a lasting imprint with every listen. Gallery’s willingness to collaborate is as refreshing as the songs themselves, most notably in the albums second track which features up-and-coming Limerick rapper Strange Boy in the relentlessly philosophical ‘It’s Alright’.

“Just before lockdown I broke up with my girlfriend of three years, so it became an isolation within an isolation. It is the love I have for others that keeps me going when it gets really tough. I felt myself leaning on that feeling of love for others, and for life itself”.


Following on from his first solo project, the singer hit straight back with another single in the form of the beautifully pronounced ‘Lean On It’, which included an additional alternative mix as the B-side. Literally leaning more towards the realms of lo-fi pop, moments of ethereally layered vocals merge into oscillating waves of chorus-drenched synth-work in his ambiently scintillating latest piece of work.

With every new track there comes a concealed story, often detailed from the artists own accounts. Delush and his aura of authenticity continue to deliver with every new project, bleeding with sentiment and always wrapped up in a captivatingly candid package. 

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