Grace Bland Releases Uplifting New Single ‘Human’

In a manner that stays true to her craft, ‘Human’ is the delicate and beautifully pronounced latest release from an artist that has a big future ahead of her.

Off the back of her debut single ‘Pity Parties’, Bland has once again produced an elegantly emphatic record that breathes with passion and warmth. As the vintages tones of the upright piano decay subtly into the soundscape, the vocals absorb your attention in a thrilling display of range, bending and contorting in melodic harmony.

Inspired by the likes of Maisie Peters and Gabriel Aplin, this record successfully traverses the parameters between Acoustic Pop, Folk and Rock. Whilst the instrumentality remains simplistic, it allows room for the lyrics to bring to life a topic that reflects the humanistic side to our existence in a way that emits tenderness and altruism.

‘Bland’s voice is that of someone trying to emerge from their chrysalis into a new stage of life with hope, ambition and not a little trepidation.’

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The sense of contrast is what gives this single so much charm, provided by the raw timbre of the piano, swimming amongst shoals of percussive drums. The listener can really grow to understand every melodic, instrumental and lyrical choice from the perspective of Grace herself; highlighting her strengths as a writer of highly personal stories that remain extremely relatable. With features on Voice FM, BBC Introducing Radio Solent and Wonk! Magazine already, the 18 year old is currently recording at River Studios in Southampton, working alongside producer Matt Parisi to bring her creations to life, what could be more human than that?

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