LA Native MEGG Releases Industrious New Single ‘SHAMOO’

Born and raised on LA’s South Bay, MEGG is an artist that refuses to be categorised. With a voice like P!nk and a stage presence that Jagger himself would be proud of, her raw and ostentatious new offering ‘Shamoo’ is a true sonic spectacle, sauntering onto the scene with a boastful flamboyance.

To be surprised is often one of life’s greatest feelings, and this single did just that. From the outset we’re thrown into a world of instrumental intensity, starting with a compound of tightly compressed drums and a fizzing bassline that bounces excitedly off the kick, flaunting its coarse and granular texture. The unrelenting spirit of this record is as invigorating as it is inspiring, mixing all the trivial elements of pop music with tones of SoCal beach-punk, stimulated by the artists own ocean-side upbringing.

Though the story behind the single comes from a more solemn and melancholy place, the track itself couldn’t be further from that, surfing through waves of attitude whilst maintaining a subtle charm that extends an encouraging arm around the listener. Sounding like a badass SIGRID, MEGG’S absorbing delivery steals the show in a powerful display of vocal control, sitting centre-stage and drenched in resonant distortion.

With an impressive pedigree of life performances under her belt, including an opening slot for The Used at Musink, performing at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion as well as the Disney Concert Hall, the west-coaster is well equipped to take the industry by storm in the coming months.

“I wrote SHAMOO as an anthem to my late Dad’s suburban that was passed down to me when I was 16. Driving around in that truck provided me an outlet to deal with my grief, gave me a sense of connection to my Dad and eventually became my go to safe space where I could let it all hang out. Not only was Shamoo my saving grace, but it quickly became that same safe space for my friends! It was the running joke, “Hey – I’m having a shit day. Can you pick me up and take me for a ride in Shamoo?” There is just something so damn magical about riding around in that beast so I wrote this song as an invitation to join me on the wild ride of letting go. SHAMOO doesn’t care who you are, what you’ve been through or what you’ve done; she only aims to accept you as you are. I hope this song can be to the listeners what my Dad’s suburban always was for me: an escape, a home and a guaranteed good time.


After taking a 4 year musical hiatus, this record represents an apparent and impressive development in MEGG’s artistry, serving as a reminder of her undeniable talent and originality that will in no doubt turn heads. With another single planned for this month, a full EP coming in the fall of 2020 as well as a host of accompanying videos, its safe to say we haven’t heard the last of Megg, and I for one cannot wait for the next instalment.

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