GEORGIE Announces New Studio Album ‘At Home’

This year has spun a web of unprecedented happenings, throwing our lives into a world of confusion under extraordinary circumstances. After releasing the spellbinding ‘Chasing Kites’ in July, Mansfield-born Georgie is ready to share her answer to her own fragmented lockdown experience.

Written against the backdrop of a global pandemic, this home-recorded project details a story of love, loss and redemption in these strangest of times. As days endlessly blurred into one another and chaos unfurled in the world beyond her window, the singer put pen to paper and produced what can only be described as a masterful project.

Channeling her inner narrator, the record breaths with a stark honesty, reflecting the tainted memories of a disappearing era. Based upon her own bittersweet feelings towards heartbreak, friendship and hope, GEORGIE has truly laid down a roller coaster story of love, expressed from the emotional comfort of her own home studio. From the sincere and enchanting ‘Simple Things’ to the staunchly spirited ‘Rules We Broke’, each song contains its own instrumental originality, contained within a cohesively dazzling soundscape.

After finishing a UK tour with The Lighthouse Family, Covid 19 descended and forced me to lock myself away. I was lucky to have been building up my own little home studio over the past year so when the lockdown hit I had all I needed to get through and stay creative. ‘At Home’ happened totally organically. When everything seemed to be spiralling out of control world wide and even more so in my personal life I turned to what I know best, writing songs. Writing this album has been my most enjoyable creative time to date. I had no idea it was something that would become an album, I was writing these songs purely from the heart and because like everyone else I didn’t have much else to do.”


Patiently sat in the middle of the track-list, the album highlight ‘Chasing Kites’ defines Georgie’s artistic development, championing self care and inner confidence in a similarly energetic display of sonic maturity. Written pre-lockdown, the singer reveals that the single “gave her the confidence to find what I was about musically and really led the way for her to go off on her own and discover the world of production.

After signing to Soul Kitchen Recordings this year, supporting the likes of Jake Bugg, Blossoms and Tom Walker along the way, the songstress has a massive future ahead of her and the quality of this project serves as a testament to that statement. It’s incredible to see what the human psyche can achieve in the face of adversity, siphoning our negative energy into a creative output; a notion that Georgie has beautifully captured in this grippingly candid new offering.

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