YINYANG Releases Fiery New Single Black Mamba

Baring a fierce and frenzied energy, experimental hip-hop meets alternative jazz in what is a defiant new offering from the London-based artist.

Crafted through the turmoil of the COVID-19 lockdown, Black Mamba is more than just a record. It represents a difficult time in the artists life that saw her once regimented lifestyle turned upside down, faced with endless uncertainties. Serving as a self-care anthem, this record screams with a bold brazenness, capturing the essence of an artist channeling their emotional energy into a true creative output.

Sounding like the lovechild of NWA and The Prodigy, YINGYANG retains a unique sense of originality in her vocal delivery, roaring through the mix with an energetic bluster. From the outset we’re thrown into a cacophony of distorted bass, widened backing vocals and wildly unforgiving drums, constantly contorting and evolving as the song progresses into its climactic ending.

Black Mamba is a song about the hard task of loving yourself, even when you don’t feel like you can.


Though the instrumental may leave you thinking otherwise, within the granular and darkened textures lies a narrator playfully advocating for a positive message, championing those who find themselves feeling worthless when in reality they aren’t. If this debut offering is anything to go by, then Northern Ireland has an amazing talent on their hands, and we’ll be riding shotgun when she smashes that metaphorical glass ceiling.

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