Shango SK Releases Dreamy New Single ‘Innocent’

Born in the northern town of Stockport, Shango SK hails from a place where swathes of talent stride through the streets of greater Manchester, producing a melting pot of eclectic up and coming new artists.

Citing local boys ‘Oasis’ as a main influence, chorus-drenched guitars meet twitching hats in what is a definitively clean-cut piece of engineering in his latest release ‘innocent’, replicating the style of artists like Bon Iver and Future. As the candidly personal narrative wraps and envelopes around your ears, the gentle resonance of the instrumental pulses through the forcefully ticking rhythm, striking the mix with a confident charm.

“Innocent is about a relationship that has run its course”

Shango SK

Despite its pessimistic storyline, the song itself represents a positive rhetoric, where the protagonist turns around and faces their adversity with a defiant swagger. This debut single shows off the straight-talking and unruffled nature of Shango SK as an artist of capable prominence.

‘Innocent’ is a highly polished self-produced track, filled with enough synth strings and roaring guitar lines to make Frank Ocean jealous. The fusing of emotive-balladry and experimental hip-hop creates a sound that can tranquillise a moment while simultaneously catapulting it out of the pre-determined sonic tick-boxes that many songs of it’s standard fall unknowingly into.

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