Danish Trio Takykardia Release New Single ‘Waving’

Combining a variety of elements from the world of trip hop, alternative r’n’b and UK-jazz, Danish outfit Takykardia are one of the most exciting new acts to emerge on the scene. Consisting of vocalist Luna Matz, keyboardist David Nedergaard and drummer Troels Dankert, 90’s dance meets dream pop in their industrious new offering ‘Waving’.

Opening to Matz’s hypnotically delicate vocals, we’re immediately thrown into an alluringly fantastical sonic journey of intricate chord progressions, oscillating synths and crisp breakbeat drums; brewed together in a bubbling pot of creative ingenuity. With a sonic frame spanning across a plethora of different genres, Takykardia have managed to construct a universe that leaves the listener with a tantalising sense of anticipation.

Alongside the intensity of the record itself, the trio have developed a reputation for putting on visually dazzling live shows in their native homeland; an element that has been duly noted in the Danish music press. In collaboration with producer Anders Boll, Takykardia are finally ready to unleash their highly anticipated debut album in the fall of 2020: a project that is sure to make waves across Denmark and beyond.

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