Cameo announces her first debut single ‘Runaway’

Serving as the perfect summer release, Cameo shows off her warm, soulful tones with a chilled out vibe to match.

Reminiscent of a young Kate Bush, the 18 year old has stormed onto the scene with an emphatic swagger, showcasing a distinctively authentic sound with enormous potential . Her latest offering ‘Runaway’ showcases a mature musical expression in beautiful form, exploring the corners of her identity and doing so without judgement or fear.

In a similar fashion to Amy Winehouse’s first project Frank, textures of soul, blues and jazz envelop into a melting pot of charmingly rhythmic ingenuity. Cameo’s velvety vocals sit centre stage, grappling delicately against crisp, aligned drums and pockets of glossy piano work in a confident display of sonic creativity.

Through the use of her own intimately constructed stories, the singer-songwriter forges a personal and deeper connection with her listeners, forming a connection over the universal emotions that govern our complicated existence. This is an extremely impressive debut record from a songstress that will only improve with each release: definitely one to watch for the future.

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