In Conversation With Liverpool Alligator Park

Hailing from the stylish streets of Venice, Liverpool Alligator Park are a band who’s sound is as striking as their name. Drawing comparisons to The Strokes and early Bombay Bicycle Club, old school rock and roll meets layers of alternative indie rock in their latest release “Everything Was Better A Few Years Ago”

After previously working on different projects, Emanuele (vocals & guitar) and Francesco (drums & backing vocals) decided to embark on a project much rougher than anything they’d previously created. The end product is a stimulating combination of raw and rugged guitars, colliding against cavernous drums in a wildly vibrant soundscape. Judging by the rich and and textured sound from both of their previous records, it’s hard to tell that there are only two of them playing, yet the duo manage it with charming ease. After releasing a self titled EP in 2018 and another in 2019, the scene is set for another scintillating release from the Italian duo; we caught up with the boys to talk about their journey into music and their plans for the future.

Thankyou both so much for talking to us, its been a pretty crazy few months for you guys I’m sure. So Liverpool Alligator Park, possibly one of the best band names I’ve ever heard. Where did the name/the style come from and what sort of music where you making before you joined forces?

Thanks so much for the compliment on the name! Francesco (the drummer) came up with the name one night combining these three words almost randomly. At the time we started being obsessed over The Beatles, so Liverpool came from that. I honestly think that is also because Francesco is a Reds fan haha. ‘Alligator’ arrived from a track by Foxboro Hot Tubs, amazing rock n roll side-project by Billie Joe Armstrong. Every time we listened to their record and in particular that song, we used to get so excited and think “yeah you know, Liverpool Alligator is really close to this stuff”. Back then, when we started, we didn’t even know garage-rock that much, we just wanted to make a punk record with strong rock n roll vibes. ‘Park’ sounded good to close it up and it added the representation of a physical place you could visit in your phantasy. This is why we loved to open both EPs with the announcement “Welcome to Liverpool Alligator Park, dive into this extraordinary world…”, to empower the concept. We have always perceived LAP as a punk art project, more than a proper band, so we wanted the name to be nuts, not dull, serious or pretentious. We had always played together in different bands, passing through a lot of genres, until we began the pursuit of our identity with LAP.

Coming from the north eastern part of Italy must be a beautiful place to grow as a band. What is the music scene like in Venice and does it influence the music you make?

We love Italy and our territory, growing up in these areas halfway between the sea and the mountains certainly influenced us as people and artists. At the same time though, we suffer the lack of an actual scene, at least in this part of Italy, even though there are some really valid bands from here.

You’ve been producing music together for the last two years, what do you want to achieve with LAP?

What’s curious is that our second EP “Look Out! The Alligators Are Dead” was supposed to be our last work. We had conceived LAP as a side project, an interlude that was going to end sooner or later. However, we could not stop enjoying ourselves at rehearsals, writing new tunes and gigs kept coming our way. Therefore, at least for now the alligators are not dead and keep on running, and as long as we can bring our music around we are happy.

As I touched on before, there are some instances in your songs where it sounds like more than two people playing. How have you managed to create such a rich sound and what are your recording processes?

As I said before, we have always thought of LAP more as an art project – from visual arts to sounds – than just a rock duo. That’s why, when we self-recorded our EPs, we had so much fun seeking the right mood for the tracks instead of just recording guitars and drums.
We introduced speaking parts, nature sounds, dialogues from movies, lots of clapping. Being just us two may have something to do with it, we could record anything that came to our mind, limitless. We had no studio with a schedule to follow or a sound engineer telling us what’s good and what’s not. Obviously, when playing live, it’s just the two of us with Emanuele managing to combine different amps and effects in order to achieve a powerful, rich sound.

After listening to your previous two EP’s it’s clear that you’ve taken the time to refine and develop your sound, what should people be expecting in 2020?

We wanted to spend 2020 playing around as much as possible, but unfortunately, due to the current terrible situation, we still do not know how this will evolve for the music industry. We were supposed to go on tour around Europe in September, but we are still trying to figure out if it will be possible. In any case, we will continue to play in our little rehearsal room and certainly record a new album. A few weeks ago we released our new single “Everything Was Better A Few Years Ago” and will definitely release another one in the summer. You know, you gotta keep the dream alive.

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